Cynthia Heenan

Detroit, MI

Cynthia Heenan is a graduate of the University of Michigan and received her JD from University of Detroit Mercy Law School in 1995. In November 1995, she founded Constitutional Litigation Associates, P.C., with long-time NLG member Hugh “Buck” Davis. The Detroit firm specializes in civil rights litigation, particularly police misconduct. She also defends against asset forfeiture. She has litigated a number of civil rights cases on behalf of prisoners denied medical care. Examples include Cook v Martin, et al. (148 Fed.Appx. 327, 2005 WL 2175922 (C.A.6 (ED Mich.))) (boot camp prisoner denied medical and confined to restraint chair for 6 hours after passing out during forced run); Dalanius Jones v. MDOC et al. (WD MI No. 1:01-cv-237) (inmate kicked in groin playing basketball denied treatment for 5 days and lost testicle); Durr v. MDOC (WD MI 1:11-cv-00347) (like Durr); Holmes v. St. Clair County, et al. (ED MI 2:06-cv-10382 (inmate denied treatment for 26 hours after onset of stroke). Ms. Heenan is an active member of the National Lawyers Guild, serving on its local and national boards 1999-2010. She currently co-chairs the Detroit NLG Citizen’s Resistance Committee. She has been a member of NPAP since its inception. Ms. Heenan is a former ACLU Detroit Board member and a long-standing member of the ACLU Detroit/Michigan Lawyers Committee.