David Rudovsky

Philadelphia, PA

David Rudovsky is a founding partner in the Philadelphia law firm of Kairys, Rudovsky, Messing, & Feinberg LLP. He specializes in civil rights, civil liberties, and criminal defense litigation. Since 1987, he has been a Senior Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania Law School where he teaches courses in Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Evidence, and Civil Rights. Rudovsky has argued two civil liberties cases before the U.S. Supreme Court, Forsyth v. Mitchell (government wiretapping) and City of Canton v. Harris (municipal liability of failure to properly train police). He has written several books regarding criminal procedure and civil liberties: Police Misconduct: Law and Litigation; The Law of Arrest, Search and Seizure in Pennsylvania; Criminal Law in Pennsylvania; Law and Commentary; and The Rights of Prisoners. He has also published scholarly articles on government immunity, racial profiling, and the criminal justice system. In 1986, Rudovsky received a MacArthur Fellowship for work in criminal justice and civil liberties. To learn more, see www.krlawphila.com.