G. Flint Taylor

Chicago, IL

Flint Taylor is a graduate of Brown University and Northwestern Law School. He is a longtime National Lawyers Guild member and a founding partner of the People's Law Office in Chicago, an office which has been dedicated to litigating civil rights, police violence, and government misconduct cases for thirty years. Among the landmark cases that Taylor has litigated are the Fred Hampton Black Panther case; the Greensboro, North Carolina case against the Ku Klux Klan and Nazis; the Ford Heights Four case in which four innocent men received a record $36 million settlement for their wrongful conviction and imprisonment; and a series of cases arising from torture by Chicago police officials. Taylor successfully argued the cases of Cleavinger v. Saxner and Buckley v. Fitzsimmons before the United States Supreme Court. He is presently counsel for a seven year-old boy who was falsely accused of murder by the Chicago Police; death row inmate Aaron Patterson, who was convicted on the basis of a false confession which was tortured from him; and former death row inmate Ronald Jones. Taylor is also a founding editor of the Police Misconduct and Civil Rights Law Reporter. To learn more, see www.peopleslawoffice.com.