Héctor E. Piñeiro

Worcester, MA

Héctor E. Piñeiro has a private practice in Worcester, Massachusetts focusing on tort and civil rights cases in State and Federal Courts. He is admitted to the United States Districts of Massachusetts, Puerto Rico and Vermont. Piñeiro litigates medical malpractice, catastrophic injury, pharmaceutical, transplant cases, toxic torts, product liability claims and claims against the gun industry. He also represents plaintiffs in civil rights litigation focusing on police and prison misconduct - in particular prisoner cases involving claims of deliberate medical indifference. Piñeiro was defense counsel in Commonwealth v. Rodriguez, 426 Mass. 647 (1998) which, with companion case (Commonwealth v. Wanis, 426 Mass. 369) (1998), established a criminal defendant’s right to production of records of a police department’s internal affairs division that contained statements of percipient witnesses to events occurring at the time of the alleged crimes and the defendant’s arrest. He is a 1989 graduate of the U. Connecticut School of Law and Clark University.