Michael Avery

Boston, MA

Michael Avery is a Professor at Suffolk University Law School. A graduate of Yale College (1966) and Yale Law School (1970), he was engaged in active practice as a trial lawyer for twenty-eight years specializing in police misconduct litigation, most recently with Perkins, Smith & Cohen in Boston, before joining the Suffolk faculty in 1998. He has argued police cases in the United States Supreme Court and the Courts of Appeals for the First, Second, and Fourth Circuits and has tried dozens of such cases in the federal and state trial courts. He is considered one of the country’s leading civil rights lawyers. Professor Avery is a co-author of Police Misconduct: Law and Litigation, Avery, Rudovsky and Blum, the leading treatise in that area of civil rights litigation and of the authoritative reference on evidence law in Massachusetts, Liacos, Brodin and Avery, Handbook of Massachusetts Evidence. Professor Avery frequently lectures at law schools and Continuing Legal Education programs across the country.  He was President of NPAP from 1999 to 2003 and served as the President of the National Lawyer's Guild from 2003 - 2006.