Letter from the President

Welcome to the National Police Accountability Project. We say “En-Pap” for short.

NPAP is the only national organization wholly dedicated to supporting civil rights litigation arising from law enforcement and detention officer misconduct. We are justifiably proud of the hundreds of NPAP members throughout the United States who have united in our mission to curb law enforcement and detention personnel abuses.

We are tied together through the dozens of messages posted daily on the NPAP Listserv. If you represent Plaintiffs in law enforcement or detention facility misconduct litigation and are not already an NPAP member, you need to join NPAP now. I guarantee that after one week on our Listserv you will wonder how you practiced without it! NPAP provides qualified Continuing Legal Education seminars at different locations throughout the United States restricted to attorneys representing Plaintiffs. We file briefs in the United States Supreme Court, in lower federal courts and in state courts as amicus curiae, and we sponsor or address legislation at various levels of government.

I litigated my first law enforcement misconduct case in 1984, shortly after starting a practice in Los Angeles. We were particularly fortunate in Southern California to have veteran civil rights lawyers, particularly the late Hugh Manes, to educate and to inspire a new generation. While similar developments were taking place in New York, Chicago, Boston and elsewhere, there was no national network. To fill this need, a group led by Suffolk University Professor Michael Avery founded NPAP in the late 1990s. Under his leadership, and that of Howard Friedman and Michael Haddad, who succeeded Professor Avery as NPAP Board President, NPAP has grown into the solid, highly professional and effective organization that exists today. We have an excellent staff comprised of Executive Director Alison McCrary and Operations Manager Zach Phillips, both of whom are always available to assist.

I thank all those who support NPAP with their time and money.

John Burton, President of the NPAP Board of Directors