NPAP Manual For Victims of Police Misconduct

Guido Moreira

Written by NPAP member Guido Moreira in collaboration with NPAP's former Executive Director Brigitt Keller and NPAP members David Milton and Samuel Paz, this manual provides general information to victims of police misconduct who might be considering filing a lawsuit.  It includes information to help you retain a lawyer, preserve evidence, understand the law, and more.


Can I Sue the Police? Rhode Island §1983 Guide

Shannah Kurland
The American Civil Liberties Union Foundation of Rhode Island

What this booklet seeks to do is to let you know how the law works when someone sues the police. For the most part, it describes the federal law known as “Section 1983” that allows people to sue some government bodies and officials who work for the government. It creates what is called a “cause of action” that allows you to sue if certain official behavior has hurt you in a way that has deprived you of certain civil rights.

When you finish reading this brochure, you should know more than when you started about:

• How §1983 was created and what it’s meant to do;
• What kind of situations the law might be able to address;
• Who you might be able to sue, and who can’t be sued;
• The biggest obstacles to winning a case under §1983;
• A general idea of what happens when you sue under §1983, and
• What kind of help, or “remedies” in legal-speak, you might get if you win.

Know Your Rights Manual for the Transgender Community: Criminal Law

San Francisco Bay Area Chapter
National Lawyers Guild

This manual is designed for transgender community members and their advocates to provide a set of basic, current, and locally-specific legal information about how certain areas of criminal law uniquely affect transgender individuals. It includes many aspects of interactions with police officers, as well as discrimination in prison.