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Services for Members

  • Listserv
    NPAP offers a members-only listserv for sharing legal analysis, litigation strategy and information regarding expert witnesses and other topics. Our listserv has become a tremendous resource for members seeking feedback on case related topics and reaching out to colleagues. Leading civil rights lawyers from across the country participate in the listserv.
  • CLE Seminars NPAP regularly organizes high quality CLE seminars in cities around the country. NPAP members can attend these seminars for a reduced registration fee.
  • Brown Bag Lunches and Webinars
    Whether at in-person brown bag lunches or webinars, the most experienced NPAP attorneys are regularly sharing their expertise at these special events. Webinars are often organized at short notice in response to request from members regarding ‘hot topic’ issues.
  • NPAP Publications
    20% off NPAP Thomson Reuters/West publications.
  • Networking
    Opportunities to meet and work with the country’s most qualified police misconduct plaintiffs’ attorneys, experts and community groups.
  • Referral Listing (*available to all NPAP member attorneys for an annual fee of $100)
  • Section 1983 Outline Subscription (available to all NPAP members for an additional fee of $50 per outline update). Researched and compiled by Suffolk University Law School Professor Karen Blum, the 'Overview of Section 1983 Litigation' outline is over 1,900 pages long, the 'Qualified Immunity' outline consists of over 2,400 pages; both are updated quarterly and will keep you apprised about the of the latest case law developments in some of the most litigated issues under Section 1983. In this rapidly evolving area of the law, with complex questions creating Circuit splits and variations, it is critical for plaintiffs' attorneys to be as current as possible on the law in their own Circuits. The outlines may be downloaded as PDF files. (Adobe Reader®)

The NPAP maintains a national referral list of member attorneys who accept inquiries from victims of police misconduct seeking legal representation.

Why Join?

Our membership dues are a bargain! NLG members pay only $225 while non-members pay $250. Public Sector and Non-Profit attorneys, as well as legal workers and law students, can join for discounted rates. The project is a terrific resource for plaintiffs’ civil rights attorneys. When you join NPAP you will have access to an e-mail listserv which allows you to ask questions of hundreds of lawyers handling police misconduct cases including many of the best civil rights lawyers in the country. In addition, members can attend our CLE programs for discounted rates. Finally, NPAP provides the unique opportunity to network with police misconduct attorneys nationwide.


“NPAP is a fantastic resource for both the novice and veteran police misconduct and prisoner rights lawyer, providing instant access to some of the top experts in the field,” says Paul Wright, editor of Prison Legal News.

Cynthia Anderson-Barker, a California attorney and longtime member of NPAP, says: “I joined NPAP to be part of a network of committed human rights advocates and I have found the listserve to be more than beneficial to my practice.”

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