$11M Verdict in Wrongful Death of 23-Year-Old Self-Reporting Medical Emergency

In April 2017, a Harris County, Texas jury awarded the parents of Jamail Amron $11 million in damages following a three-week trial in the wrongful death of their 23-year-old son.

Amron was reportedly severely beaten in 2010 by Harris County police officers following a personal cocaine-related medical emergency Amron had reported. After a deputy slammed him against a police car, Amron was injected with a sedative by a paramedic, and a Harris County officer then kicked him multiple times in the ribs and forcefully stepped on his face for several minutes. He was pronounced dead only two hours later. Officers subsequently justified their use of force and explained Amron's death exclusively by reference to Amron's intoxication.

"I think it's fair that the jury put some level of responsibility on Jamail because we're dealing with an illegal substance," Amron's family's attorney, Bradford Gilde, told the Houston Chronicle. "But regardless of the circumstances you're entitled to the same level of constitutional care. Because Jamail had drugs in his system, the (officers) thought that they could get away with it."