$13.3M Settlement and Public Apology for Multiple 2005 New Orleans Officer Killings

On Monday, December 19th 2016, New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu spoke during a Xavier University press conference convened to announce settlements in connection with several Department incidents of misconduct circa 2005's Hurricane Katrina. Speaking on behalf of the city, which has agreed to pay $13.3M to 17 different plaintiffs, four of whom were killed by New Orleans Police Department officers, Mayor Landrieu publicly apologized to the families of the victims.

The incidents in question include a September 2005 shooting in which several NOPD officers emerged from a U-Haul truck they had commandeered in response to an "officer down" call and opened fire on the Danziger Bridge, killing James Brissette and Ronald Madison and wounding four others. Only two days before the shooting, an NOPD officer shot and killed Henry Glover; another officer then burned his body in a car on a nearby levee. The fourth victim of fatal police misconduct covered in the settlements was Raymond Robair, who was beaten to death by one or more NOPD officers a month before the hurricane hit the city.

NPAP member Mary Howell represented the Madison and Robair families. "For the city to step up and accept responsibility," she said in connection with the settlement conference, "this is unprecedented."