$300K Award in Gracey v. Goss Case

On January 12, 2013, Pennsylvania State Police engaged Stephen R. Gracey in a dangerous vehicle pursuit near Scotland in Franklin County, P.A. Police were able to disable Gracey's vehicle; tackling and slamming him facedown to the ground. During the assault, some PA state troopers watched on while others restrained him. Several troopers piled on top of Gracey after he was down, one trooper admitted to striking him with a closed fist and kneeing him in the back. Another trooper also admitted to striking Gracey and kneeling on his legs as the suspect was placed under arrest. The assault left Gracey with serious facial injuries and unconscious. Gracey suffered broken bones in his face and serious neck and back injuries and a broken eye orbit.

Congratulations are due to NPAP member attorney Devon M. Jacob, who represented Gracey.