$4M Settlement for Family of 2015 Los Angeles Police Department Shooting Victim

On May 5th, 2015, Brandon Glenn, 29, was standing on the sidewalk in California's Venice Beach when Los Angeles Police Department officers notified him he was under arrest with no apparent justification. While other officers proceeded to restrain Glenn, and without giving any warning or commands beforehand, Officer Clifford Proctor then shot Glenn twice in the back, killing him.

Proctor subsequently claimed he thought Glenn was reaching for his partner's gun, but in April 2016 the Los Angeles Police Commission ruled the shooting unjustified. LAPD investigators concluded that Glenn was shot in the back while lying on his stomach. In December 2015, LAPD Chief Charlie Beck recommended charges be filed against Proctor and referred to the shooting as a "criminal act." To date, no charges have been filed. But in November 2016, the City of Los Angeles and the family of Brandon Glenn reached a $4 million settlement agreement, to be paid to Glenn's mother and son.

NPAP member V. James DeSimone represented Glenn's family. "There's just no way to undo this wrong," he said in connection with the case. "We call on accountability for the prosecution of the officer who shot and killed [the Glenn family's] son and brother."