$885K Settlement in Hartford, CT Police Shooting of Family Dog

In February 2017, the city of Hartford, Connecticut agreed to pay the family of Glen Harris $885,000 in settlement for the 2006 city police shooting of their 3-year-old Saint Bernard dog. Hartford Sergeants Anthony Pia and Johnmichael O'Hare entered Harris's property without a warrant in search of illegal weapons. Despite finding no contraband, as they walked away from the property they shot and killed the dog in full view of Harris's 12-year-old daughter.

An initial ruling against Harris was reversed on appeal, and a jury awarded Harris and his daughter $202,000 in damages. The full $885,000 settlement includes both punitive damages against the officers as well as legal costs.

Congratulations are due to NPAP member attorney Jon Schoenhorn, who represented Harris in the case.