KPCC Los Angeles Releases Analysis of 375 Shootings of Civilians by Police in L.A. County 2010-14

On November 10, 2015, Los Angeles radio station KPCC launched its "Officer Involved" series, analyzing investigatory summaries obtained from the Los Angeles district attorney detailing 375 shootings of civilians by the county's 45 law enforcement agencies from 2010-14 and collating that data with other public records.

According to KPCC, the Los Angeles district attorney has not filed charges against an officer for an on-duty shooting in 15 years, and prior to KPCC's reported findings, generalized data on the county's fatal police shootings was inaccessible.

Among the findings: African Americans constituted 24 percent of those fatally shot (mirroring African Americans' arrest rate according to California Department of Justice) but only 8 percent of the population of Los Angeles County; one in four people shot by officers in Los Angeles county in the period assessed were unarmed; of those shot who were in fact armed with guns, less than a quarter fired on police; and in roughly 85 percent of the shootings, police did not attempt to use less than lethal force before shooting to kill.

More information is available at KPCC "Officer Involved".