NPAP Publications

The following National Police Accountability Project publications are available from Thomson Reuters. (Note: NPAP members receive a 20% discount. Please call or email the office to learn how to redeem your member discount.  The discount cannot be applied when you order online.)

Police Misconduct Law and Litigation by Michael Avery, David Rudovsky, Karen Blum and Jennifer Laurin

Police Misconduct Law and Litigation is a streamlined manual that guides you through the entire course of police misconduct proceedings, helping you define and draw the line. Every important litigation step in the process is examined and backed by an extensive review of relevant case law and statutory rules as well as tactical considerations based on key cases.

From the initial evaluation of a case to the court’s charge to the jury, every aspect of a civil rights damage action is clearly and succinctly analyzed. Along with thorough coverage of the relevant law and procedure, this work provides you with all the significant Supreme Court and lower court rulings in the field.

Civil Rights Litigation and Attorneys Fees Annual Handbook by National Police Accountability Project, Steven Saltzman, Editor

Stay on the cutting edge of civil rights litigation with this quick-answer guide to the latest laws and procedures in the field.

Civil Rights Litigation and Attorney Fees Annual Handbook offers timely, authoritative coverage of all litigation under 42 U.S.C. The handbook provides an invaluable update of civil rights-focused litigation, and keeps you completely up to date on recent developments, emerging trends, and attorney fee awards.

Police Misconduct and Civil Rights Law Report by National Police Accountability Project

In a field where multi-million dollar recovery damages are on the rise, it is vital to have a reliable source that thoroughly covers this increasingly sensitive area of civil rights law and procedure. Published bi-monthly, each issue of the Report contains articles on the most current issues in police misconduct and civil rights litigation under (1983) and related statutes. You’ll find in-depth feature articles, plus recent cases related to police misconduct- civil rights litigation - and other timely concerns in the field.

Police Misconduct and Civil Rights Law Report is a 12-page newsletter published every other month, created especially for civil rights attorneys who need expert analysis of the most current developments in the field.