Resources and Publications

Whether you are an attorney, an activist, or simply a concerned person who believes that police and prison personnel should be held to the same legal standards they are sworn to enforce, you will find a wealth of information on police misconduct, police brutality, and how to hold law enforcement accountable, in the following pages:

Amicus Bank

The NPAP Amicus Bank contains ‘friend of the court’ briefs written by NPAP member attorneys.  The amicus briefs reflect NPAP’s views on particular legal issues and are intended to provide expertise to assist the court in deciding the legal questions before it.  In his dissent in the Florence decision, Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer cited to NPAP’s amicus brief submitted in this strip search case.

Research Papers & Reports

This page is organized by topic and provides you with a host of information on policy and legal issues in the context of policing and criminal justice, such as Racial Profiling, Civilian Review, Police Torture, and much more.

Find an Attorney

If your rights were violated by law enforcement and you are thinking about hiring an attorney – this is the page you want to turn to.  NPAP members around the country are dedicated to helping victims of police misconduct and brutality to get justice.

NPAP Publications

The Project is publishing some of the most important books on Section 1983 Litigation in the country. You will find information on ‘Police Misconduct Law and Litigation’ by Michael Avery, David Rudovsky and Karen Blum; the ‘Civil Rights Litigation and Attorneys Fees Annual Handbook’ edited by Steven Saltzman; and the Police Misconduct and Civil Rights Law Report.


This section provides you with practical handbooks, authored by NPAP or other civil rights organizations, intended to answers questions you may have about law enforcement misconduct and how to hold police and prison personnel accountable.

Other Resources and Links

Here you find links to other civil rights and legal organizations who are working on criminal justice and police accountability issues.