Civil Rights Litigation, Generally: News and Publications

$300K Award in Gracey v. Goss Case

On January 12, 2013, Pennsylvania State Police engaged Stephen R. Gracey in a dangerous vehicle pursuit near Scotland in Franklin County, P.A. Police were able to disable Gracey's vehicle; tackling and slamming him facedown to the ground. During the assault, some PA state troopers watched on while others restrained him. Several troopers piled on top of Gracey after he was down, one trooper admitted to striking him with a closed fist and kneeing him in the back.

Los Angeles to Pay Up To $30M in Curfew Lawsuit Settlement to Provide Job Trainings for Gang Members

The city of Los Angeles will pay as much as $30 million to assist thousands of individuals who have been subjected to unlawful curfews written into gang injunctions years after they were struck down as unconstitutional. The money, which will allocated towards job training programs for gang members, is the centerpiece of an agreement to settle a class-action lawsuit against the Los Angeles Police Department. The City Council voted unanimously to approve the deal and are awaiting judicial approval of the settlement.

$750K Settlement in Tennessee Solitary Confinement Lawsuit

In 2012, Michael Faziani moved to the town of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, for therapeutic use of the local hot springs to remedy his chronic back pain. After failing to report a minor motor accident he was involved in at a local McDonald's drive-thru, Faziani was arrested and booked at the Sierra County Detention Center. After informing jail guards he had bipolar disorder, he was placed in solitary confinement for approximately 18 days.

$5M Settlement in Milwaukee Illegal Strip Search Suits

On Tuesday, December 15, the City of Milwaukee offered a settlement of $5 million to 74 African-American residents who had filed a number of separate lawsuits over the city police's illegal strip and body cavity searches. Four officers were forced to resign after being convicted of crimes in connection with the searches, which the plaintiffs allege were approved and encouraged by the officers' superiors.

16.65M Settlement in DC for Man Framed by Police, Wrongly Imprisoned for 27 Years

On Thursday, November 19, US District for the District of Columbia Judge Richard Roberts authorized a settlement in the amount of $16.65 million in the case of Donald E. Gates, 64, who was framed in 1981 by D.C. homicide detectives for a murder he did not commit; Gates spent 27 years in prison before until DNA testing exonerated him.

SDNY Judge Holds Transgender Protester May Sue NYC for Discriminatory Detention Conditions

On Monday, November 16, 2016, federal Southern District of New York Judge Rakoff issued an opinion in Adkins v. City of New York et al. recognizing transgender people as a "quasi-suspect" class under the 14th Amendment's Equal Protection Clause. Consequently, plaintiff Adkins will be permitted to pursue a discrimination claim against the city for the conditions of detention following his arrest in the Occupy Wall Street protests on the Brooklyn Bridge in October 2011.