Emotionally Disturbed People: News and Publications

$5M Settlement for Family of California Jail Detainee Dead Following 46-Hour Chair Restraint

Andrew Holland died at the San Luis Obispo County Jail on January 22nd, 2017. Incarcerated since 2015 for public disturbance and resisting arrest, a judge ultimately ordered psychiatric treatment for his schizophrenia, though his transfer to a psychiatric facility was not effected even though space was reportedly available at the county facility. Instead, prior to his death, Holland was placed in an isolation cell for ten days and then chair restraint for forty-six hours.

California Jury Returns $2.5M Verdict Against County in Jail Death

On August 30th, 2017, a McKinleyville federal jury returned a $2.5 million verdict against Humboldt County for the death of Daren Borges, whose right to adequate medical care was held to be violated by three correctional officers who failed to have him medically evaluated despite the apparent and well-documented extremity of his methamphetamine intoxication, self-harming behavior and known history of schizophrenia.

$1M Settlement in California Jail Suicide Lawsuit

Amanda Sloan, a 30-year-old mother of three, was originally arrested and booked for speeding away during a traffic stop and allegedly discharging a gun out of the sunroof of her car. She scaped from jail and was placed on the county's Most Wanted list. Arrested again after her mother tipped the police off to her location (reportedly stressing that she would attempt "suicide by cop"; deputies shot her five times during the second arrest), Sloan was taken to the Santa Cruz County Main Jail, where she continued to threaten suicide. On July 17, 2013, she was found dead in her cell.

NYC Pays $5.75M Settlement for Death of Rikers Prisoner

On September 27th, 2016, New York City agreed to pay $5.75 million to settle a lawsuit brought by the family of Bradley Ballard, a mentally ill and diabetic Rikers Island prisoner who was found naked and covered in excrement after being locked in his cell for six days. The settlement is reportedly the largest ever paid by the city over the death of a prisoner in its custody.

KPCC Los Angeles Releases Analysis of 375 Shootings of Civilians by Police in L.A. County 2010-14

On November 10, 2015, Los Angeles radio station KPCC launched its "Officer Involved" series, analyzing investigatory summaries obtained from the Los Angeles district attorney detailing 375 shootings of civilians by the county's 45 law enforcement agencies from 2010-14 and collating that data with other public records.

NYC Pays 450K Settlement to Prisoner Assaulted by Rikers Guards

On August 31, 2015, New York City agreed to pay a $450,000 settlement to Robert Hinton, who in 2012 was subjected to a brutal beating by five corrections officers and their captain in a solitary confinement unit for men classified as mentally ill at the Rikers Island jail complex. The aggressors beat Hinton's face so severely that his nose was broken and his eyes swollen shut; after their attempts to cover up the beating did not meet with success, they were fired this past January.

Settlement of $1.6M in Los Angeles Men's Central Jail Suicide Suit

On September 1, Los Angeles County approved a $1.6M settlement to be paid to the family of Austin Losorelli, 23, who committed suicide in the Men's Central Jail in 2013. Despite their awareness of his history of mental illness and attempted suicide, jail mental health workers and other staff repeatedly failed to place him in appropriate mental health housing; he was instead placed in a single-man cell, where he hung himself. His suicide was one of 10 at the jail in 2013 alone.

City and County of San Francisco, California, et al., Petitioners, v. Teresa Sheehan

NPAP Amicus Brief in Support of Respondent Teresa Sheehan. Police are trained in safe tactics for handling the mentally ill.  The Fourth Amendment requires police to adjust their tactics when dealing with emotionally disturbed or mentally ill persons.

For an analysis of the case see Prof. Michael Avery's article  Do the Americans With Disablities and Civil Rights Acts Apply to Police Operations?  at Truthout:  http://truth-out.org/news/item/29342-do-the-ada-and-civil-rights-act-apply-to-police-operations Copyright Truthout.org. Reprinted with permission.