Excessive Force: News and Publications

$22M Verdict for Man Beaten and Locked in Closet by East Cleveland Detective

On Tuesday, May 31 2016, a Cuyahoga County, Ohio jury returned a verdict in the amount of $22 million for Arnold Black, who in 2012 was severely beaten by detective Randy Hicks. Hicks had erroneously identified Black's truck as one he had been tipped off would contain a kilogram of cocaine, and when he realized his mistake, he began to punch Black in the face and head. Hicks' partner, patrol officer Jonathan O'Leary, held Black upright during the assault.

$4.6M Settlement for Unarmed Man Shot by Inglewood, CA Police During Traffic Stop

In October 2012, Juan Jose Palma was shot directly in the head by Inglewood police officer Landon Poirier. Poirer later attempted to justify the shooting to investigators by saying that Palma looked as if he was reaching for a weapon and had repeatedly ignored commands to show his hands during an encounter that reported lasted less than 15 seconds.

$300K Award in Gracey v. Goss Case

On January 12, 2013, Pennsylvania State Police engaged Stephen R. Gracey in a dangerous vehicle pursuit near Scotland in Franklin County, P.A. Police were able to disable Gracey's vehicle; tackling and slamming him facedown to the ground. During the assault, some PA state troopers watched on while others restrained him. Several troopers piled on top of Gracey after he was down, one trooper admitted to striking him with a closed fist and kneeing him in the back.

$150K Settlement and Criminal Conviction for Excessive Use of Force by Lancaster, PA Sergeant

On March 8, 2014, an incident occurred that resulted in Steve Widdowson being arrested by Sgt. Ray Corll and charged with Public Drunkenness. During the course of the arrest, Sgt. Corll struck Mr. Widdowson. Widdowson’s friend, Tami Jones, was also cited and arrested for public drunkenness. Widdowson filed a complaint with the Lancaster Bureau of Police (LBP) alleging that the force used by Corll was excessive. The Lancaster Police Bureau investigated and concluded that Mr.

NYPD Officer Found Guilty of Manslaughter in Shooting of Akai Gurley

On Friday, February 12, a jury in Brooklyn returned a guilty verdict of manslaughter and official misconduct for New York Police Department officer Peter Liang, who shot Akai Gurley dead in a dark stairwell of Brooklyn's Pink Houses on November 20, 2014. Gurley, 28, was unarmed and innocent of any wrongdoing; Liang testified the shooting was accidental. However, following the shooting, Liang placed a call to his sergeant's cellphone, rather than using his radio to communicate on record as is pursuant to department policy.

$180K in Damages to Motorcyclist Assaulted by State Trooper

On January 14, 2016, a federal jury ruled that a Eugene, OR motorcyclist's civil rights were violated when his clavicle was broken by a state trooper who kicked him in the chest during a traffic stop. Before the stop, Justin Wilkens had been followed for a short distance by Oregon State Police Capt. Rob Edwards, who was driving an unmarked vehicle and observed Wilkens speeding; Wilkens did not immediately pull over when Edwards gave chase.

KPCC Los Angeles Releases Analysis of 375 Shootings of Civilians by Police in L.A. County 2010-14

On November 10, 2015, Los Angeles radio station KPCC launched its "Officer Involved" series, analyzing investigatory summaries obtained from the Los Angeles district attorney detailing 375 shootings of civilians by the county's 45 law enforcement agencies from 2010-14 and collating that data with other public records.