False Arrest: News and Publications

$614K Settlement for Excessive Force Following Illegal NYPD Stop-and-Frisk

In July 2016, New York City agreed to pay $614,500 to Jateik Reed in settlement for his brutal 2012 beating in the Bronx by 42nd Precinct NYPD officers. Reed was 19 in January 2012 when he and several friends were stopped and frisked; when Reed questioned the legality of his detainment, officers began beating him with their batons.

Record 1.6M Settlement for Mentally Ill Victim of Police Shooting in Texas

On Tuesday, September 22, the Dallas City Council approved a civil settlement in the amount of $1.6 million for Bobby Bennett, who in 2013 was shot in the stomach by Dallas police officer Cardan Spencer. The settlement is reportedly the largest the city has ever paid to a single litigant naming the police department as a defendant.

Win in Case against California Highway Patrol

A case against the California Highway Patrol, brought by a 76 year old man who was pulled over for what officers suspected was a DUI, has won a verdict of $125,000 in damages. He sued the CHP for civil rights violations, assault and battery, negligence, elder abuse and false arrest. Two officers had stopped him because he was driving too slowly and made an unsafe lane change. He had suffered from a stroke a few years prior, and he could not walk in a straight line because of the effects of his stroke. The man had a history of poor balance and so refused to be handcuffed.

NYC Settles Occupy Wall Street Lawsuit for $142K

The City of New York has paid $142,500 in settlement for federal cases brought by three Occupy Wall Street protestors for incidents that took place between them and the NYPD while demonstrations were taking place.

During one of the incidents, which occurred in September 2012, two of the plaintiffs were marching with a banner when an officer approached. One of the plaintiffs (who is receiving the bulk of the awarded funds), Sandra Fields, was slammed from behind, having her head hit the ground. The aftermath of this was captured on video.

Verdict of $1.112 Million in Malicious Prosecution Case against Suffolk County Sheriff

An East Quogue woman was awarded a $1.112 million jury verdict for pain and suffering after being falsely prosecuted by a Suffolk County Sheriff. The jury found that the plaintiff, Nancy Genovese, experienced humiliation and physical abuse during her detention and that the actions taken against her violated her Constitutional Rights.