Falsifying Evidence: News and Publications

Settlement of $4M for Woman Jailed for 4 Years Before Charges Dropped

In a false imprisonment and malicious prosecution case litigated for over a decade, this month New York City finally settled with Maria De Lourdes Torres for $4 million. The settlement provides approximately $1 million for each year Torres was jailed at Rikers Island before the murder charges brought against her were dropped in 2007.

$614K Settlement for Excessive Force Following Illegal NYPD Stop-and-Frisk

In July 2016, New York City agreed to pay $614,500 to Jateik Reed in settlement for his brutal 2012 beating in the Bronx by 42nd Precinct NYPD officers. Reed was 19 in January 2012 when he and several friends were stopped and frisked; when Reed questioned the legality of his detainment, officers began beating him with their batons.

City of Tallahassee Approves $475,000 Settlement in Case of Excessive Force

The city of Tallahassee, FL will pay $475,000 to settle a federal lawsuit brought by a woman who was left severely injured during a DUI arrest in August of 2013 that was captured on police dash-cam video.

On the date of the incident, the plaintiff crashed her SUV into an unoccupied home, but no one was seriously injured. Officers arrived and conducted field-sobriety tests before arresting the plaintiff and putting her in the back of a squad car. After getting her back out of the vehicle to adjust her handcuffs, the officers began using force to subdue her.