Wrongful Death: News and Publications

$4M Settlement for Family of 2015 Los Angeles Police Department Shooting Victim

On May 5th, 2015, Brandon Glenn, 29, was standing on the sidewalk in California's Venice Beach when Los Angeles Police Department officers notified him he was under arrest with no apparent justification. While other officers proceeded to restrain Glenn, and without giving any warning or commands beforehand, Officer Clifford Proctor then shot Glenn twice in the back, killing him.

$13.3M Settlement and Public Apology for Multiple 2005 New Orleans Officer Killings

On Monday, December 19th 2016, New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu spoke during a Xavier University press conference convened to announce settlements in connection with several Department incidents of misconduct circa 2005's Hurricane Katrina. Speaking on behalf of the city, which has agreed to pay $13.3M to 17 different plaintiffs, four of whom were killed by New Orleans Police Department officers, Mayor Landrieu publicly apologized to the families of the victims.

Hernández v. Mesa

"The plenary power that the political branches of government exercise over the admission and exclusion of noncitizens does not compel a different conclusion.  In the first place, this case does not involve the admission or exclusion of noncitizens.  It involves an excessive force claim.  In any event, where constitutional rights do exist notwithstanding plenary power—as here, for the reasons set forth in Petitioners’ brief, see Br. 14-27—then the Court should recognize a cause of action that allows a remedy for violation of those rights.... Recognizing a Bivens cause of action in this context will not lead to a deluge of new claims.  To the contrary, numerous Courts of Appeals have long recognized the availability of a Bivens cause of action in the border patrol and immigration enforcement context, and lower courts have not been inundated with litigation as a consequence of this recognition.  Nor is there any evidence that legitimate immigration enforcement interests have been unduly constrained as a result. Accordingly, this Court should permit a Bivens cause of action in this case."

$1M Settlement in California Jail Suicide Lawsuit

Amanda Sloan, a 30-year-old mother of three, was originally arrested and booked for speeding away during a traffic stop and allegedly discharging a gun out of the sunroof of her car. She scaped from jail and was placed on the county's Most Wanted list. Arrested again after her mother tipped the police off to her location (reportedly stressing that she would attempt "suicide by cop"; deputies shot her five times during the second arrest), Sloan was taken to the Santa Cruz County Main Jail, where she continued to threaten suicide. On July 17, 2013, she was found dead in her cell.

NYC Pays $5.75M Settlement for Death of Rikers Prisoner

On September 27th, 2016, New York City agreed to pay $5.75 million to settle a lawsuit brought by the family of Bradley Ballard, a mentally ill and diabetic Rikers Island prisoner who was found naked and covered in excrement after being locked in his cell for six days. The settlement is reportedly the largest ever paid by the city over the death of a prisoner in its custody.

$100K Settlement and Changes in Protocol Following OR Police Shooting

In October 2012, the Salem, Oregon police department responded to a welfare check call for Chase Hammer, 27, who was reported to be suicidal and armed. When police encountered Hammer, he was approaching his home, holding a revolver upside-down and by the butt. The officers did not give Hammer any time to comply with their commands, and within moments of giving them, an officer shot and killed him.

$11.9M Verdict in PA Jail Suicide Case

In September 2016, a federal jury found that prison health care provider PrimeCare Medical Inc. must pay a combined $11.9 million to the estate of Mumun "Marty" Barbaros, who committed suicide in Pennsylvania's Monroe County Jail in 2009 following deliberate indifference on the part of jail staff to attend to his medical needs. The sum includes $8 million in punitive damages.

Settlement of $1.6M in Los Angeles Men's Central Jail Suicide Suit

On September 1, Los Angeles County approved a $1.6M settlement to be paid to the family of Austin Losorelli, 23, who committed suicide in the Men's Central Jail in 2013. Despite their awareness of his history of mental illness and attempted suicide, jail mental health workers and other staff repeatedly failed to place him in appropriate mental health housing; he was instead placed in a single-man cell, where he hung himself. His suicide was one of 10 at the jail in 2013 alone.