2022 Issue Areas

We’re looking for a statute that allows victims of government abuse to sue for violations of their state and federal constitutional rights, ends the defense of qualified immunity for all government officials, and provides for attorney’s fees. 

We’re looking for statutes that require law enforcement officers to exhaust de-escalation tactics prior to using force, limit the use of deadly force, and impose restrictions on practices such as firing into fleeing vehicles, chokeholds, prone restraints, no-knock raids, and the discharge of impact munitions.

We’re looking for a statute that eliminates state law confidentiality protections for police officer misconduct and civilian complaint records. Legislation should apply retroactively to allow for the release of records created prior to the bill’s enactment, provide for a minimum retention period, and provide public access to unsubstantiated complaints.  

We’re interested in supporting statutes that repeal the LEOBR laws currently in effect in twenty-two (22) states, and in supporting organizing efforts against LEOBR enactment or expansion in any other states.

We are looking for an ordinance, mayoral order, or budget item that provides for creation of crisis response teams staffed by social workers and mental health professionals. The legislation would empower a municipal agency to hire and train civilian responders.

We are looking for departmental policies and municipal level legislation that removes officers with known hate group affiliations or a record of explicit bias from US police departments and precludes officers with these affiliations or histories from joining the force or being retained.

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