Geography: Alabama

Court: US District Court - Northern District of Alabama

Claim(s): Eighth Amendment Deliberate Indifference; Medical Negligence

Case Summary

NPAP is suing the Alabama Department of Corrections ("ADOC") and Wexford Correctional Healthcare on behalf of Joseph Allen Renney, an Alabama man currently incarcerated at Limestone correctional facility. Mr. Renney is a diabetic who suffered a partial amputation of his left foot, including all of his left toes, due to ADOC and Wexford’s policies of inadequate care. As early as April 2021 a podiatrist who saw Mr. Renney recommended that Mr. Renney undergo a surgical amputation of the tip of his left big toe to prevent the spread of infection the “sooner the better.” That surgery did not occur until October 2021 and resulted in the removal of Mr. Renney’s entire big left toe. The delays and denials of treatment are pursuant to ADOC's understaffing and over incarceration crisis.  We are seeking justice for Mr. Renney and to address the underlying cause of his injury. 


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