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Written by Michael Avery Latonya Davis, a disabled African-American woman, was too terrified to get out of her car. The police had pulled her over, surrounded her with four cruisers, and were pounding on her vehicle with their batons. She slid her window open slightly and told Lakewood, Colo., Officer Todd Clifford and Sgt. Todd Fahlsing she would step out if they promised not to hurt her. They made no such promise. Instead,...
Andrew Holland died at the San Luis Obispo County Jail on January 22nd, 2017. Incarcerated since 2015 for public disturbance and resisting arrest, a judge ultimately ordered psychiatric treatment for his schizophrenia, though his transfer to a psychiatric facility was not affected even though space was reportedly available at the county facility. Instead, prior to his death, Holland was placed in an isolation cell for ten days and then chair restraint for forty-six...
Shuay’b Greenaway, then 32, was painting his Hempstead residence’s bathroom in 2010 when local officers came to his door following 911 calls from his family asking for help in convincing Greenaway to seek psychological help for his bipolar disorder. No violence or menacing behavior was alleged in the calls. After politely asking the officers to leave his home, a village officer ordered two others to tase him repeatedly. The rest of the officers...

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