Current Issue Areas

Goal: create funds that support recovery and healing for people harmed by police violence.

Goal: end the horrific practice of solitary confinement.

Goal: eliminate the use of the debunked theory of “excited delirium” as a medical diagnosis or cause of death.

Goal: maintaining community control over public safety decisions like civilian oversight and law enforcement budget funding. 

Goal: make it easier for victims of police violence to sue without the burden of qualified immunity; limit or eliminate Law Enforcement Officer Bills of Rights (LEOBOR).

Goal: limit unnecessary contact between police and the public, including removing police from traffic enforcement and mental health crises.

Goal: ensure public access to information on police departments and officers.

Goal: eliminate the use of K9 units and limit penalties for self defense in response to police dogs.


Goal: stop the criminalization of filming the police.


Goal: end the criminalization of immigrant communities.


Goal: reduce the presence of police in schools.


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