About Us

The National Police Accountability Project (NPAP) is a nonprofit public interest organization dedicated to protecting the human and civil rights of individuals in their encounters with law enforcement. One of the central missions of NPAP is to promote the accountability of law enforcement officers and their employers for violations of the Constitution or laws of the United States.

NPAP's members are plaintiffs’ attorneys, paralegals and advocates who work on law enforcement misconduct cases, including civil actions against prison and jail personnel. The Project uses a variety of means to communicate with its members. We are maintaining an online discussion forum where members share legal analysis, litigation strategies, information regarding expert witnesses, and discuss other issues concerning police reform. Throughout the year we offer a number of continuing legal education seminars across the country, taught by the most knowledgeable and dynamic experts engaged in police misconduct litigation.  We are also regularly offering online webinars.

NPAP does not provide legal representation to victims of law enforcement misconduct.  If you are looking for an attorney, please visit our Attorney Referral Listing.  If you are interested in learning more about ways to hold law enforcement accountable, please check out the NPAP Manual.

NPAP is a project of the National Lawyers Guild, which was founded in 1937 as the first racially integrated national bar association. For decades, Guild members have been at the forefront of the fight against police misconduct through litigation and community organizing. The National Police Accountability Project is a natural outgrowth of these efforts.

The project provides:

  • training and support for attorneys and legal workers
  • public education and information around issues relating to police misconduct
  • information and resources for non-profit and community groups who work with victims of police abuse
  • support for legislative reform efforts aimed at raising the level of police accountability
  • a forum for legal professionals and community organizations to come together and creatively work to end police misconduct

These services are sustained by a national network of member attorneys, police accountability advocate and experts, and NPAP staff.