Colorado DA Accountability Bill (DAAB).

What is the Colorado DA Accountability Bill?

The Colorado District Attorney Accountability and Transparency Bill (DAAB) is in the works to be introduced in CO this legislative session by Colorado Attorneys Against Police Violence (CAAPV).

DAAB will codify Colorado DAs' ethical duties, inform judges and prosecutors on what and when information must be produced, and define consequences for when such information is concealed. It will remove prosecutorial immunity at a state level (meaning that Colorado DAs can be held personally liable if they violate the Bill of Rights), and will ensure transparency with the public production of policies and data regarding charging and sentencing decisions.

Representatives Chris Kennedy and Kerry Tipper, and Senator Julie Gonzales are the primary sponsors of the bill. The bill's official language will not be public until it is formally introduced. This page will be updated with a link to the bill as soon as it is introduced.

To learn more about DAAB and Colorado Attorneys Against Police Violence (CAAPV), you can visit the CAAPV website here.

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