Yes, Lawsuits Are Expensive: But So Is Police Misconduct

Op-Ed by NPAP member Antonio Romanucci:

Chicago Tribune: Yes, Lawsuits Are Expensive: But So Is Police Misconduct

Mr. Romanucci has also generously provided NPAP with an additional statement:

            After our firm obtained a $44.7 million judgment on October 26, 2017, against the City of Chicago for its pattern and practices of unconstitutional policies causing citizens harm and permanent injuries, an attorney by the name of William Choslovsky wrote in an op-ed. piece to the Chicago Tribune that taxpayers should be angry about the jury’s verdict because it was a product of the “Chicago Way” —  attorney’s raiding deep pockets for their benefit without regard of whether who really is at fault.

            I could not sit idly by and let fake newsers tell a story that seemed to be crafted by City attorneys who were trying to explain and excuse how they were subjected to the largest verdict ever in Illinois history as a result of police officer misconduct.

            The truth was simple: The City has been covering up police officer misconduct for decades, sweeping investigations into their misconduct under the rug, failing to discipline bad cops for their repeated abuses time and time again and failing to have an adequate early warning system to red flag bad police officers.

            The records had to be set straight that taxpayers should not be running through the streets of Chicago putting out fires because of the jury’s verdict. Instead, the jury was stating the obvious, based in part on Mayor Emanuel’s admissions and the scathing DOJ report issued in January 2017, that the City has been playing fast and loose with its Rules and Regulations protecting bad police officers at the expense of a free citizen’s constitutional rights. It was time to rewrite the rules, treat everyone equally, don’t give preference to police officers, discipline accordingly when necessary so as not to let police officers think they can act with impunity without fear of any consequence. This was not just a case about one bad cop shooting my client in the head, it was about the city enabling its police department for decades at the expense of innocent people.

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